Ridings Case Management and Fiduciary Solutions, Inc.

Ridings Case Management and Fiduciary Services is a local organization providing professional advocacy, case management, fiduciary and guardianship services to Seniors, the disabled, families of loved ones and individuals in need. Ridings Solutions offers services designed to meet the unique needs of the elderly, persons with developmental disabilities, care for persons with mental health issues, long-term care, and palliative care. Our core purpose is to protect and advocate.

All levels of care and needs are handled with respect and dignity. We will assist with bills, health care and self-care issues and offer options for unique needs.

Ridings Services Include: 

Case Management –  Ridings provides a valuable resource to assist in the often challenging and confusing process of making life decisions for yourself or your loved ones. At times, it can be intimidating navigating through the maze of possible providers.  We offer help to navigate the varied and complex health and human services system, locating resources, problem-solving, advocacy, solutions to keep individuals as safe and independent as possible.

Housing and Relocation Assistance – Our professional staff can assist with the daunting task of selecting the appropriate placement of those in need. With the constantly expanding and evolving choices in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and group homes, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. With a vast knowledge of the local area and services offered throughout, we can assist with this difficult decision.

Health Care Surrogate – In the case where you cannot make decisions about your medical care you need to appoint someone who can.  Health Care Surrogates, Medical Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy have the same rights to request or refuse treatment if the individual cannot make the choice for themselves.

Guardian – A guardian is appointed by the court to make decisions for, and act on behalf of, another person, (the ward), when they have been adjudicated incapacitated. This can be a result of several factors, including but not limited to: head injuries, stroke victims, developmentally delayed individuals, mental health clients, dementia/Alzheimer victims.

Personal Representative- A personal representative is an individual you place in charge of settling your estate after your death. Sometimes referred to as an executor or executrix.

Power of Attorney – A Power of Attorney (POA) can be for either healthcare or property. While you can still make decisions for yourself it’s important to choose someone who can follow your wishes and make medical and financial decisions in case you cannot.

Trustee – We can act as trustee for various trusts to accommodate financial, estate and tax planning or Medicaid needs. Provisions can be made to protect funds such as an inheritance or legal settlement in order to provide support throughout the client’s lifetime.

Ridings Solutions is dedicated to protecting incapacitated individuals from abuse, neglect, and exploitation while ensuring they live their lives with dignity and respect.